In Development

"The Things You Think I'm Thinking" - short film

Sean, a black, early-thirties burn survivor and amputee (having lost part of both arms), goes on a date with Caleb, a white, regularly-abled guy.  After the bar, we follow them back to Sean’s apartment, where Sean must face his demons as he attempts to experience intimacy for the first time since his accident, four years ago.

Starring Prince Amponsah and Jesse LaVercombe

Directed by Sherren Lee

Written by Jesse LaVercombe

Edited by Simone Smith

Director of Photography: Ian Macmillan

Music by Casey Manierka-Quaile

Produced by Kat Hidalgo

Meraki Moving Pictures

Funded by the Toronto Arts Council


Festival schedule TBA.

2017 Playwright-in-Residence @ Driftwood Theatre

"For the first time, Driftwood Theatre will host a resident playwright during its summer season. Emerging Canadian playwright Jesse LaVercombe will work alongside Othello company members for six weeks, developing his play Resurrect, originally created as a site-specific play for Driftwood’s 2017 Trafalgar 24 festival.

The Beyond the Bard residency will culminate in free public readings of Mr. LaVercombe’s work prior to select performances during the Bard’s Bus Tour.

Beyond the Bard is made possible with the support of the RBC Emerging Artists’ Project.

twitter: #beyondthebard"

Artistic Director: Jeremy Smith


Dramaturgy by Daniel Brooks and Aaron Willis

Workshops directed by Andrea Donaldson



Acting Company:

Shelly Antony

Christopher Darroch

Jordin Hall

Helen King

Ayesha Mansur

Fiona Sauder


Public Readings TBA.


The Bup Plays Charades

Grandpa was lousy at charades, always was. Smart, funny, a remarkable athlete... but something about silently acting out silly phrases from movies befuddled him. But he laughed it off. In March 2009, when I was 17, Grandpa climbed to the third story of an indoor shopping mall in Edina, Minnesota, and jumped. But he didn’t fall all the way. He landed on the second story’s crosswalk, on the railing, on his spine, and before his injuries completed his suicide, he spent 8 months in a hospital, in pain, his throat too damaged to speak.

With collaborator Beth Kates (Projection Designer: Alice in Wonderland [Shaw], Brimful of Asha  [Tarragon] The Last Donnelly Standing [Blyth] The Road to Mecca [Soulpepper]), Jesse LaVercombe plays a game of charades with the audience and try to understand the passing of his grandpa, whom he grew up calling The Bup.

Developmental funding from the Ontario Arts Council/Crow's Theatre.