Beautiful Man - Factory Theatre

“...a fantastic, jarring final monologue delivered by LaVercombe is contrasted beautifully to Botting, Nguyen and Rodríguez's inability and unwillingness to understand.”

“And the ending is a brilliant, brutal reminder of the realities of being a woman in a society that values beauty and compliance.”


“At this point, Beautiful Man recites a brilliant monologue that every woman in the audience, no matter what age or ethnicity, will relate to… LaVercombe is an exceptionally talented actor and we believe every word he utters. The women engaging in man-talk may be outrageous fun, but the man revealing a woman’s secret life is utterly unsettling, particularly because it is interaction with men that sows the seeds of female uncertainty.”

All that said, it could still be argued that everything stays on one level too long (in my view the puppet show episode pushes things into excess), but there’s a response to such a critique built into the show itself, about which I will say no more because we know what the internet does to people who spoil, other than to say that it’s really really good.”

The Wickhams - The Jungle Theater

”Brian, an inventor, stole the hearts of everyone in the theater (yes, including the men; if you don’t go for the humor, go for the ending—trust me, it’s worth it).”

”You know those memes ‘find someone who looks at you like...?’ The next one needs to be ‘find someone who looks at you the way that Jesse LaVercombe's Brian looks at Roshni Desai's Cassie…’”

The Wickhams gallops along at the fast pace of a big family gathering while carefully preserving the hesitations, the reverses, and the silences that sometimes say more than words.”

”The acting is all spot-on… It’s definitely worth seeing at least once—if you can get tickets.”

Bunny - Tarragon Theatre

“Honest emotion and raw carnality make Bunny a smash” 4 stars.

"Maev Beaty and a stellar cast shine in Hannah Moscovitch's funny, profound and timely play." 4Ns

"Rarely am I so entirely delighted with almost every moment of a production as I was with Hannah Moscovitch’s new play Bunny, on at the Tarragon until April 1st."


Hamlet - Tarragon Theatre

"Richard Rose's electric Tarragon production is a refreshing, immediate take on the world’s most famous play." 4Ns.

"It’s a strong cast overall, with the comic characters playing best of all. Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, and the Gravedigger (Rachel Cairns, Jesse Lavercombe, and Cliff Saunders respectively) help lift the tension marvelously while also – in the case of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern – transitioning smoothly from friends, to Claudius’ spies, to Hamlet’s unwitting keepers."

"Director Richard Rose and a very able cast, take an ancient and well-trodden text and, with the addition of a modern idiom and a rigorously intellectual analysis, make it lucidly lyrical, relatable, and ultimately sturm und drang tragic."


Sequence - Tarragon Theatre

“The heart of the production lies in the Guzman/Adamson exchanges… Lakra offers an impressively unstereotypical portrait of a devout young American, and LaVercombe plays the role with understated intensity.”

"Director Andrea Donaldson gets strong performances from this energetic cast."

"LaVercombe probably reveals the most humanity when, as Adamson, he speaks openly about his sexual inexperience and his desire to fall in love and be a father."


Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender - New York, Toronto

"Jesse LaVercombe’s charming, bittersweet, oddball comedy about a pop star in crisis, his adoring little brother and their theater-theorist mother — all played by Mr. LaVercombe."

"...a sucker punch to the diaphragm that makes you acknowledge what parts of yourself have been shut down…. [a] mind-blowing, substantial, and manifold text… [a] one-man labyrinthine, psychological, tragicomedy masterpiece… I would like to write a thesis on LaVercombe’s acting abilities. He can sing beautifully, dance like a boy band star high on self-adoration, and plunge bravely into emotional depths that leave you broken. He captured each of the character’s disconnection to the world in completely different and detailed ways."

Jose Solis -  Stage Buddy, New York

"Billy H. Tender was funny, energetic & punch-in-the-gut moving. Jesse LaVercombe gives three astonishing performances. A real NYC gem!"

"Absolutely amazing. [LaVercombe] seems possessed by these characters... he doesn't have any costume changes, he just changes his mannerisms and the tone of his voice, and then he's someone completely different... I was really moved."

"In Jesse LaVercombe's hyper ambitious solo work Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender, the audience is thrust into the future to watch the lives of three relatives unravel... Through his speech, musicality, and movement, he showcased his vast skills. Hyper-ambitious… visceral... Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender thrives on precision."

"He resembles a young Meryl Streep… it’s enough to make you wonder where LaVercombe might be in five years."

"Love Me Forever [Billy H. Tender] trades on pop culture riffs and self-conscious millennial humor but quickly detours into sensual and disturbing terrain… probing, sincere, and highly entertaining..."

"Last night I saw one that totally blew my mind—”Love Me Forever Billy H. Tender” by Jesse LaVercombe. What a mind on fire—he lets us in on his play with his own electric genius."

"The audience, especially the young, understand this show implicitly. They understand the loneliness, the sense of isolation, the feeling of sleeplessness that haunts you even when you’re awake…. You need to see this actor. He keeps this show rocking, no slack... But for all the humor, the work’s texture is unnerving… VideoFag should be proud of this one… [a] tour de force."


Our Beautiful Sons: The Matthew Dinning Story - Blyth Festival

"Both [Cameron Laurie and Jesse LaVercombe] give excellent performances. LaVercombe shows great skill in the scenes where he talks to his mother after he is dead.  It is a gut-wrenching story, putting every parent’s worst nightmare on stage."

"LaVercombe plays Matthew as the superstar he was. A high school sports star, a hotshot soldier and a good-looking, confident young man who had no problem attracting the attention of young women. But he also plays a caring son – a man wise beyond his years who loved his mother, but refuses to apologize for his life’s path."

"It's a gripping tale, told brilliantly and with great compassion."

"Cameron Laurie as Brendon and Jesse LaVercombe as Matthew don’t miss a beat. It’s ensemble acting at a high level… a must-see production."


S H E E T S - Videofag

"Antonio and his company do a superb job in keeping the tone just at the right level of playfulness — there are many welcome moments of stress-relieving laughter — while keeping focus on the credibility and vulnerability of the exchanges."


Seams - SummerWorks

"In the hands of director Mikaela Davies and a talented cast, we come to know the idiosyncrasies and secrets of each character and care about them all, especially when the narrative’s various relationships go sour."

"There’s great chemistry between Krystina Bojanowski (the positive, open-hearted and hopeful Ira) and Jesse LaVercombe (the quiet, pleasant and troubled Anton) – who share some adorably awkward moments as both fumble around their attraction for each other."

"The youthful cast (Krystina Bojanowski, Clare Coulter, Sochi Fried, Jesse LaVercombe, Caitlin Robson, Elizabeth Stuart-Morris, and Ewa Wolniczek), under the artful direction of Mikaela Davies, deliver charming and heartfelt performances."


The Bakkhai  - Marigny Opera House, New Orleans

"The Bakkhai is a tremendous accomplishment and is not to be missed."


Hacked - Caravan Stage Company

"Cirque du Soleil meets Occupy Wall Street."


Preacher Man - Toronto, Fredericton, Vancouver

"Well paced and chillingly told."

"...both hilarious and uncomfortable... the shows engaged you directly so you were intimately involved and almost tied into the drama in such a way that was, well, exhausting. A great experience in the BlackBox."

"Jesse LaVercombe is excellent as Marcus. LaVercombe is chilling and expert in his delivery of this character."


The Life of Jude - SummerWorks

"…I love the guts and fearlessness to go big and say something important.”

“… hilarious and heartbreaking, biblical and raunchy, thought provoking and satirical all at the same time.”


Model Wanted - Vancouver Fringe

"LaVercombe deserves kudos for his performance of the churlish Ross who is on stage for the entire seventy-minute duration. His scenes depicting the uneasy relationship with Shepherd-Gawinski are particularly unnerving."


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